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How To Configure Your Affiliate Marketing Account:


  • Step 3: Log in to view your affiliate dashboard (Home). Then go to “Settings”.
  • Step 4: Then fill the all fields in your “Profile” section.

  • Step 5: In “Referral Code” section you can customize your URL referral code or if you don’t want to customize it keep as it is.

  • Step 6: Then you customize your “Payment Settings” section by clicking “change” button. Select as per your choice. We have made different payment settings available for different continents for your convenience.



Know Your Dashboard:


  • Step 7: In your dashboard home page see the “Referral Link” section. Refer your friends using the link which you can see in this section and earn commissions on purchases made by them. You can share this link in social media.
    This referral link is the link to home page. You can create referral link for each product page in “Marketing Tools” section.
    Ref: How To Generate Your Affiliate Referral Link for a Product Page

  • Step 8: Then see the “Coupon Code” section. Share your coupon code with others. For every purchase someone makes using your coupon code, you get the credit.
  • Step 9: In “Summary” section you can see all your metrics in one place.

  • Step 10: Details section contains order and commission details.



Note: For every purchase someone makes using your referral, you get the commission of 5% and the customer who buys that product with your coupon code gets discount of 5%.

  • Share your Referral Link with customers to get the commission.  
  • Share your Coupon Code with customers to get the commission and give the customer discount.

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