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Don’t you believe it is your perfect moment to seek the antique pieces of wood pendant lamps adding aphonic beauty and appearance to your home? Be it low-light feel or festive decor; these pendant lamps will act as the best piece of art for your home and work excellently in every point of demand. Space problems will also be solved satisfyingly when each light design is created for your preference and demand. We are confident that your eyes will remain broad enough, and you can’t stop staring at our astonishing, crafted wooden hanging lamps added in our lamp collection available for you online.

Our wood pendant lamps have a greater life span compared to standard bulbs. These lamps are warranted to last thousands of hours. Indeed, you read it right; we are not lying. You do not need to bother about considerable power consumption or filament becoming defective. These lights do not need high power amplifiers to illuminate intense light. Their low amperage enables the lamps to surpass each of the additional competitors far.

Many competitor companies make the use of the Glass lens. But, each of our lenses signifies Polyurethane or Polycarbonate. These happen to be solid materials that approximately shatter resistant. If they get destroyed during a rare event, they are not likely to leave dangerous little particles that can hurt wildlife or humans. Reach out to buy wooden hanging lamp now!

Our Journey To Creating A Beautiful Wooden Hanging Lamp

Our manufacturers source wooden logs, chosen by our experienced authorities and taken to the manufacturing system for additional processes. Here’s what it goes like: 

  • Getting in Size: The saw devices cut the wood logs into sought sizes to increase the durability and resistance in your wooden hanging lamps and other solid wood lamps.
  • Treatment: Each section of wood, though big or tiny, dense or light, even or not, remains treated by the industry defined procedures, making it termite resistant.
  • Seasoning the Wood: More usually recognized as wiping the wood. As easy as it appears with the system we prepare it, it remains a highly scientific method. It maintains the stress levels and dampness, based on the continuation and environment, and getting the right process done in the right way.
  • Making it: The treated wood planks are managed by our qualified and experienced craftsmen to create the wooden hanging lamp the way you want it.
  • Product Standards: Products are manufactured in bulk by uniformity so that every product possesses that technical and optical greatness that each light for your home needs to have.
  • The Right Finish: Once the product remains made and available, it goes to the experienced polish-men, who strive hard to deliver it with the finish as decided by you.
  • The Final Touch: Each of the products manufactured & finished with the final prices, according to your finish choice, ensures you receive a no-maintenance completed product. 
  • Packaging: This step involves receiving your products prepared for the best way to reach just how we did it for you.