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How To Generate Your Affiliate Referral Link For A Product Page:


  • Step 1: Go to the website khadizaelectricals.com
  • Step 2: Browse the store website and shortlist the products that you want to promote.
  • Step 3: Go to the bottom of the website and click the link: “Become an Affiliate.

  • Step 4: Log in to view your affiliate dashboard (Home). Then go to “Marketing Tools”.

  • Step 5: Here you can see the “Product Links” section.
  • Step 6: Copy the URL of the products you have shortlisted and paste the URL in ‘Paste product page link’ field to generate an affiliate links one by one.
  • Step 7: Copy your generated link in right hand side and share this link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When people visit the product page using your link, you get commissions on everything they buy.
By this process you are creating referral link for product page and in the home tab of your dashboard another referral link is present that is referral link to the home page.

: For every purchase someone makes using your referral, you get the commission of 5% and the customer who buys that product with your coupon code gets discount of 5%.

  • Share your Referral Link with customers to get the commission.  
  • Share your Coupon Code with customers to get the commission and give the customer discount.

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